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Cultural Development Fund, Inc
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The establishment of WNCAI and several localized centers is the ultimate project goal of Worldwide Nation. The WN Cultural Arts Institute will be a place of education and entertainment for the fine arts, visual, and performing arts, along with culinary art and hospitalities. The campus will include a multipurpose showroom and performance stage, concert hall and opera house, black box theater, round theater, art galleries, cinema, museum, international cuisine and café, a lounge, reception lobby, hotel, gift shops, banquet hall, education halls, and administration facilities. The location is Gary, Indiana, a city we regard as culturally, socially, and functionally underdeveloped. The objective is for Gary to become the entertainment hub for the Northwest Indiana Region, also making it the focal point of shared culture and appreciation for the plural heritage that has existed here for over 100 years. And, we believe this establishment will help inspire talented, creative, and productive members of our community to stay here opposed to moving away to other places. It will also create opportunity for tourism and potential increase in population.
Recording artists pledge to donate at least one song that inspires either love, healthy practices, or abundance through balanced lifestyles. In exchange, Worldwide Nation offers free production, free recording time, and free promotion of the song on behalf of the artists.
Worldwide Nation Cultural Development Fund, Inc produces music as "High Vibe Entertainment", a multi-genre production team dedicated to being a positive influence on the development of cultures in effort to inspire a sense of unity while maintaining appreciation for plural heritage throughout the world.
Worldwide Nation & High Vibe Entertainment creates video content intended to entertain and educate a diverse audience. We currently have in planning and production a sitcom, talk show, game show, animated series, instructional videos, music videos, and feature-length movies. Expect to see a full representation of WNTV here at,, YouTube, Facebook, and streaming networks, to be announced.
The Solace Culture Lounge will serve as an intimate setting for community based cultural events, combined with dining and live entertainment. The goal is to feature and encourage local musicians, theatrical producers, dancers, and visual artists who have a desire to use their talents to have positive influence on the development of culture.​
The WN Thanksgiving Nutrition Center and Food Pantry will provide free meals to anyone who feels they have a need. We will serve breakfast every morning starting at 5 AM and dinner every Thursday at 7 PM. And, once per month our Food Pantry will open and allow visitors to shop our shelves just as they would in a grocery store but free of charge in limited quantities. There will be a variety of fresh produce, breads and pastries, dairy, meats, and dry goods. We operate in conjunction with local food banks and Feeding America. In addition, we will have quarterly seminars on nutrition topics at which we will supply free vitamin and mineral supplements to adults and families.
  • THE BAG (Weekly Game Show)
Two contestants are chosen to compete using general knowledge and common sense to answer questions and solve problems related to business, marketing, investment and finance. Answers are judged by a panel of experts. The contestant with the most correct answers is declared the winner and moves on to take a bonus challenge for what we call, "THE BAG", a grand prize of $10,000. But now they are faced with the decision to either keep the money or try to "Flip It" by trading it for the chance of something greater. The contestant flips a golden coin to determine which one of two doors gets opened. Behind one door is a prize guaranteed to be valued much more than $10,000. Behind the other door is nothing at all. It's an exciting game of intellect, a game of potentials, and a game of risk... That's life!
  • LOVE (Naturally Flavored Drinks)
Love comes in a variety of flavors, made with all natural ingredients and inspired by cultures from around the world. There is Soca (A mix of Latin and Caribbean flavor), Autumn Moon (South Asian), Sakura (Japanese), and The Original "Love Potion" with a taste that all will enjoy. And, there are more flavors in development.
WN Destination Club will offer luxurious home accommodations at some of the greatest travel destinations around the world. Members choose from a variety of properties to stay in along with concierge services and are guaranteed a favorable spot anytime of the year. Our goal is to provide an excellent opportunity to explore and enjoy the world and its cultures. Nonmembers have the ability to browse through our many standard travel packages, including flight and hotel arrangements.
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