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Cultural Development Fund, Inc
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Worldwide Nation is a nonprofit organization established for cultural development through the influence of education and exhibition of the arts, social events, and hospitality. Our vision is to inspire a unification of cultures based on common principles while maintaining appreciation for plural heritage.

"It is my dream to influence culture in such a way that we are all encouraged to become the greatest potential versions of ourselves and the most complete men and women we can be."

Augustus Carter Jr., Founder and President

  • Worldwide Nation creates media content that is culturally enriching, inspires positive change, and promotes a balanced lifestyle.

  • We use funding to support artists who express interest in having positive influence on culture.

  • We open our studios to provide an opportunity for the general public to express their own creativity at an affordable cost.

  • Worldwide Nation aims to regularly perform acts of charity according to the specific needs of communities, domestically and around the globe.

If you would like to become an affiliate or volunteer at Worldwide Nation, please send an inquiry to this address:

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